Did You Scratch or Chip Your Car's Paint?

Did You Scratch or Chip Your Car's Paint?

Repair it with color-matching technology

Nearly every car accident ends with paint damage. Wreck-a-Mended Collision LLC provides the latest color-matching technology to help refresh your car's paint and make it look like new again. You can bring your car by our shop for a quick touch-up or a full paint job, depending on the severity of the accident. Estimates are always free, so you can get a quote for insurance before we even begin. We provide paint repair services for motorcycles, as well.

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3 reasons to refresh your car's paint

While paint may seem surface-level, neglecting paint damage can cause more severe problems for your vehicle. Ignoring paint damage will:

  1. Reduce the value of your vehicle. If you plan to resell your vehicle down the line, cosmetics will play a large role. Neglecting paint damage can lead to unattractive peeling and flaking that will decrease the worth of your car.
  2. Create rust. A paint chip doesn't always stay a paint chip. As poor weather wears on your vehicle, it can cause the area around the chipped paint to rust. If the rust begins to affect an integral part of your car - such as the frame - you could run into safety hazards on the road.
  3. Ruin the appearance of your vehicle. Paint damage is unsightly, especially on a newer car. Keeping your vehicle in great shape includes the paint.

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